The HUFBM-2 R&D and Specialization Transformation Project, which is the continuation of the Aerospace Awareness and Information Center (HUFBM) Project under the leadership of the İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone Presidency, was found eligible to be supported by Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA) under the 2016 Innovative and Creative Istanbul Financial Support Program.

The first phase of the HUFBM project completed on August 31, 2016 was carried out in partnership with the Air Force Academy and the Istanbul Technical University. In the project, a data base study on the determination of firms that could be located in the defense, aviation and space sectors in İkitelli OSB was carried out, the competencies of the 628 firms were determined and the capacity analysis studies of the producers related to aviation and space industry were carried out.

Besides these studies, a total of 18 trainings and seminars, 4 technical surveys and an aviation museum tour were held on different topics that would increase awareness in ordinary defense, aviation and space industries. During this time, meetings were held with the domestic (TAI, THY Teknik) and international (Boeing) customers of the aviation, space and defense industry. During the project period, 826 people participated in the activities.

With the HUFBM project, the first steps have been taken to enable our businesses to produce high added value, high technology and knowledge-intensive products and services in the global economy. In the direction of this change, our efforts to provide this awareness and information under the HUFBM project have been welcomed very positively by our participants and it has been demanded that the work in this subject be made continuous.

Our new project partners for the Aerospace Awareness and Information Center (HUFBM) -2 R&D and Specialization Transformation Project prepared by the HUFBM Project are Air Force Academy, Yıldız Technical University and SAHA Istanbul Defense Aviation and Space Clustering Association and Istanbul Development Agency. The project was accepted under the Innovative and Creative Istanbul Financial Support Program.

In this process, it is the project targets that university – industry collaborations can be realized within the scope of projects in order to produce the technologies that our industry would need.