Founded in 2000 to manufacture precision components by lost wax process of investment casting; Unimetal is Turkey’s leader in manufacturing capabilities, product development and quality.Unimetal makes use of modern technology to offer its customers finished products through in-house operations and organization of tooling design and production, casting, precision machining, heat treatment and surface treatment.Unimetal casts parts made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper-based and other special alloys to manufacture products for leading companies in the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Energy, Medical, Electronics and
Machinery sectors. The state-of-the-art 3D Rapid Prototype system in its possession provides design freedom to customers and extremely fast finished parts procurement in low-end orders by eliminating the need for molds. Since all metallurgical and mechanical tests are carried out in their own laboratories, results are obtained quickly and problem solving, cost and time control come to the forefront as key competencies offered by Unimetal to its customers.

Optik Sinyal İşleme Teknolojisi (Optical Signal Processing Technology)

Eklemeli İmalat Ekipmanlar, Yazılımlar (Additive Manufacturing Equipment, Software)

Elektrik Motorları (Electric Motors)

Elektronik Destek Tedbirleri - Elektro-Optik (ESM - Electro-Optic)

Elektronik Destek Tedbirleri - Haberleşme (ESM - Communications)

Elektronik Karşı Tedbir - Elektro Optik (ESM - Electro Optical)

Elektronik Karşı Tedbir - Haberleşme (ECM - Communications)

Havacılık Dökümleri, Alüminyum (Aerospace Castings, Aluminum)

Havacılık Ekipman Ve Malzemeleri (Aeronautical Equipment and Supplies)

Havacılık Yatırım Dökümleri, Demirli (Aerospace Investment Castings, Ferrous)

Bilgi Tabanlı Mühendislik (Knowledge-based Engineering)

İleri İmalat Teknolojileri (Advanced Manufacturing Technologies)

İleri Prototipleme (Advanced Prototyping)

Maliyet Mühendisliği (Cost Engineering)

Proje Yönetimi ve Takibi (Project Management and Control)



Rapid Prototypes

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