Tulpar Labs Savunma ve Havacilik Ltd Şti

Tulpar Labs is a technology developing company formed in 2019 and design & produce electronics and electromechanics products.

1 - Different size parachutes 30cm-15 meter in diameter. For drones, UAVs, ammutions etc.

2 - Automatic Drone Recovery Parachute Systems comply with ASTM F3322-18

3 - Useful load systems for drones like winch systems, ammunition release mechanism ( pyro or mechanical ), fire fighting systems etc.

4 - UAS Systems, Quad Type, Vtol type or plane type.

5 - Vertical take of capability planes with rocket propellant.

6- Electrical fire systems and other assembled sub systems

7- Electronic boards design and production.

8 -Test Equpments

9- Chemical compounds. Pryrotechnic compounds and sytesis of some cromates and perchlorates.

Drone Parachutes

Drone Delivery

Fire Fighting Solutions

Lifesaving Drone T8-L

Sound Broadcasting System with Drone

Professional Cargo Drone Solutions

Drone Delivery

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