Nurol Kontrol ve Aviyonik Sistemleri A.Ş.

Nurol Controls and Avionics Systems has been established with %100 ownership of Nurol Holdings to grow indigenous capability in the Turkish Aviation & Aerospace sector and subsequently for international customers, using a core engineering expertise developed indigenously on control & avionics and mission system areas with strong infrastructure of parent company.

Nurol CAS intends to become a high-end systems integrator and manufacturer for local and international aviation platforms, achieving this through: the establishment of local R&D programs; delivering design-work packages; and building local capabilities that complement, existing industry strengths (i.e., aircraft systems design & integration). Our focused areas include sub-systems such as flight control systems, engine controls, fuel systems, hydraulic systems etc.

Uçak Kontrol Sistemleri, Elektronik (Aircraft Control Systems, Electronic)

Flight Control Computer

Engine Control System

Fuel System


Control Panels

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