Gaziantep Regional Industrial Design and Hybrid Modeling Center (GETHAM) is the work carried out jointly by Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and KOSGEB Directorate within the scope of Competitive Sectors Program, and is the first regional design center. GETHAM will develop the innovation and competitiveness capacity of our region, and enable our SMEs to increase their competitiveness in the global market and aim to improve the innovation capacity of all our SMEs and entrepreneurs. In line with our goals, the primary application area of ​​our company is Gaziantep, but it also includes environmental works. In this context, GETHAM, which has already started working with a team of experts on its subject on May 24, 2018, will provide expert and infrastructure support to companies that have the idea of ​​on-site design or plan to incorporate the design into their production processes. It offers services in four main areas: Product Development, Marketing and Communication Design, Advanced Modeling and Advanced Production Laboratory and Design Incubation: 1-GETHAM AJANS: Marketing and communication design is realized. Services are provided for corporate identity work, branding processes and marketing. 2-GETHAM STUDIO: Industrial Design and Visual design includes R&D studies, innovation journey, product development, from idea to design, from design to prototype, with expert support. 3-GETHAM FACTORY: It consists of Jewelry design, Leather design, Reverse engineering, 3D additive manufacturing laboratories, silicone molding, CNC Router, Five-axis CNC and Electronic circuit design Laboratory and will provide service in Advanced Modeling and Advanced Production. 4-GETHAM Start up, on the other hand, was established by creating an incubator unit to support young designers and entrepreneurs with design-oriented product ideas and to help them promote themselves to local companies.

Marketing & Telecommuninication Designing

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