Craft Composite was established in 2018 in Teknopark Ankara. The business idea of the Cardboard Bicycle became a semi-finalist in the Clean Technology Support Program and received angel investment support. In this way, the foundations of the company were laid. After the establishment of Craft Composite, it carried out R&D projects with various companies, especially Tofaş, in the automotive industry. Craft Composite has the capacity to manufacture with hand lay-up, RTM and filament winding methods using carbon fiber, glass and aramid fiber products, which are frequently used in the industry. Craft Composite has ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard.
In addition to the fibers commonly used in the composites industry, natural fiber reinforced composites are among the main R&D studies of Craft Composite. Studies continue on hemp and flax fibers. Some of these studies; (1) The radom system to be developed using hemp fibers and (2) Using hemp fibers as trauma pads in ballistic applications.
As Craft Composites, it is aimed to produce 100% local and national composites alternative to Turkish defense, aviation and sectors by using natural fibers.

Paper Bike

Electric Scooter

Electric Golf Cart

Ballistic Armor

Hybrid Ballistic Armor

Composite Communication System

Aviation System Sub-Parts

Composite Drone

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