Being a Third Generation Family Business, AYB ENDUSTRI MUHENDISLIK A.S. was founded on the basis of main goal is: Global Expansion.

Our goal of expansion will enable AYB Endustri to become one of the largest spare parts suppliers for Diesel Engine Fuel Systems used in Industrial Engines and Power Units, Mining, Marine Applications and Defense Industry, within a very short time thanks to years of work.

While sustaining such expansion in international arena;

 Our greatest goal is to reducing operational costs by putting our knowledge about "RE-MANUFACTURING" of the most critical parts of High Technology Diesel Engine Fuel Systems that we obtained with Reverse Engineering methods into the service of Defense Industry, Industrial Engines and Power Units, Petroleum Exploration, Construction and Mining sectors.

Motorlu Araç Motorları Ve Parçaları (Motor Vehicle Engines And Parts)

Diesel Engine Fuel Systems

Reverse Engineering

Diesel Fuel Injectors

Diesel Motor Modernization Systems

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