The Industrial Competency Assessment Project (EYDEP) was initiated by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) and within the scope of project, firms operating in the industry could become qualified suppliers to the defense sector by making situation analyzes and formulating development plans of firms.

In the process of the EYDEP, the companies that are main contracting in the defense industry and the related personnel of SSM will be trained and will serve as supervisors.

Within the scope of the project, on-site evaluations of firms will be made in Ankara and in the Northern Marmara Region to obtain a more qualified share of companies in defense sector projects.

In addition, new investments, incentive models and technological development strategies can be designed and implemented more easily with the project.

Started on 17 March 2017 with training given to auditor candidates by Havelsan and Roketsan. TAI provided “General Information on Material Technologies” training on March 31, 2017 within the scope of trainings planned and selected in line with the objectives of ensuring auditor candidates to perform audits based on high quality and common expectations.

Monthly scheduled trainings are determined by SSM and in addition to SSM staff, Ministry of National Defense, Foundation companies, and the personnel we will designate for our region will participate as a candidate auditor in the trainings.