To organize our companies not only to use technology but also to produce by ourselves at the same time. To act independently and to be safe in this respect,

To contribute to the formation of strong technological infrastructure by making our companies take part in defense industry projects and to strengthen our national armed forces and the national economy by producing our own national weapons,

Making a realistic determination of the current production capabilities and contributing to the formation of the right defense industry policies through these capabilities,

To contribute to the establishment of the qualified human power infrastructure required besides the existing capabilities,

To create a “power union by bringing together” the existing national corporations.

To help the companies involved in the defense industry to participate in the most effective way of production in the needs assessment of the authority,

Following the projects of the Turkish Armed Forces and Civil Aviation, ensuring that companies are aware of the needs and requests of these projects,

To lead the integrator firm to keep all companies, producing the main and intermediate materials necessary for the production of a project.

Acting as a bridge between politicians and industrialists, mediating legal requirements such as regulations, legislation, etc. required by the industrialists,

Bringing the main contractors and quality companies together, providing the necessary standards, for the products they need,

Producing the package to be formed, bringing together the forces to provide ready-to-supply suppliers to the needs of foreign markets,

International Competitiveness Development Projects (URGE) which can be applied as a cluster and cluster firms can get the opportunity to introduce themselves and market with 75% state grant support in foreign markets in groups, to benefit from the diplomatic structure of the state,

To act as a bridge between universities and industrial establishments, to provide scientific support to the projects and to help the industry meet the needs of qualified human power,

To create a technical subcommittee, to closely monitor the sector in Turkey and abroad, to intervene in their problems and offering the possibility to proactively position itself in the face of possible opportunities,

To ensure that the qualification and certification requirements of the defense and aviation sector are met with the cluster power and Ur-Ge capability,

To contribute to the solution of potential problems between the companies and goverment personnel and main contractors by acting impartially,

To contribute to the training and efficient operation of the technical personnel required by the companies,

Pioneer the development of indigenous and national defense industry and serve its members by working for the arrival of our country which is deserved over the world.